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Live Now

An SF watch is a symbol of the intent to Live More Every Second. It brings to the wrist of its wearer, not just the technology and durability that defines it, but also the spirit of adventure that it embodies.

SF traces its roots from the Titan Company, the fifth largest integrated own brand watch manufacturer in the world. While establishing itself as a true Titan in the industry, Titan is also strongly associated with the quality and craftsmanship put into each one its products, as has been the case with all Tata brands.

Over the course of its journey, SF has become synonymous with adventure and durability. High-tech features and rugged designs ensure that an SF Watch is at the forefront of watches for outdoor use.

Be Unstoppable

Perhaps nobody values time as much as an adventurer does. There's no room for interference when time is that precious. SF's digital chronograph helps you stay on track on your road to adventure by giving you a precise indication of the elapsed time.

Dive In

At SF, we know that anything can happen in an adventure. That's why it is so important to be prepared. All SF Watches come with a minimum of 10 ATM water resistance so you can dive in with no hesitation. Whether you're going surfing, kayaking or just fancy yourself a swim, SF has got you covered.


Can you take on anything that comes your way? An SF Watch can. Adventurers need gear that's as tough as them. That's why SF Watches are built to last. With a quality PU strap and ABS case, it's safe to say that you're adequately prepared for adventure.